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why did it take me so long...

I recently had a massage... I know what you're thinking. Man, must be nice to go and just have a day to relax. Well, it was nice...but it wasn't so enjoyable at times either. I have been having some tightness in my neck area, so much that, I have been intentionally telling myself to just relax. My shoulders have been much higher than normal because I have been so tense...anybody with me? haha (pandemic probs)

I consider myself a pretty felxible person. I like to think of myself as someone who stretches; considering I use to teach "stretch" and strength classes at my local Y. So when the lady asked me, "Do you stretch?", I almost laughed out loud because...that's what I do right? um...nope. . I thought for a moment and said... "well... i use to, but I've been putting stretching aside, and I haven't taught a yoga class in almost a year." (well, that was hard to admit)

Get to the point Bonnie.

So, as I was getting this massage, it hurt. It was super uncomfortable. The pressure she put on certain spots weren't so lovely and left me sore for a few days. At one point, i told her, "this is awful" and she replied... "I know". HAHA! But it was necessary for me to go, even though it hurt.. I knew I needed it. I knew I had to do something or it would get worse.

--->>>What I'm telling you is this... we need to sit in his presence, and sometimes it's not enjoyable. Sometimes we don't want him to reveal to us what we have been sweeping under the rug, hoping it'll just go away (my dang tight neck). Sometimes we feel like, I just did this last week but then we really think about it, and it's been a month or longer since we've just sat and waited on him to speak to us.

After I left the massage and especially the day after, my neck felt so much better. Its the same exact way I feel after I've sat down for a good, intentional prayer time. Why did it take me so long? Why don't I do this more? When can I come back? I can't go long without this...

As we go into March and our season changes from winter to spring (all the praise hands), let's make time for him to change us, too.

Let's pray.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for seasons. Thank you for a new month of fresh starts and new beginnings. Thank you that you show us so much in times of transition and change. Just like the days are getting warmer and the sun is coming up earlier, change us, too. Change us to become more like you. Change our thoughts, words, and speech. Change our outlook on what we are facing no matter how impossbile it may seem. Transfrom our minds to think on lovely things. Be evident in our actions and deeds. May we leave out time of prayer wanting more. May we leave wondering, why did it take us so long? Continue to be that void that only you can fill.

In your name we pray. Amen

Until next time...

Your friend,

Bonnie :)

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