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a new year's prayer

Updated: Jan 12, 2021 about 2020?! I know we all have stories to share, anxiety to relate to, and most importantly, a lot to be thankful for despite this crazy year we just survived. I don't know about you, but having the hope I have in Jesus and knowing not one thing surprised him this past year gives me a sense of peace that I cannot create on my own.

There is something about a new year for us humans who like to set goals. Michael doesn't like to discus goals... he thinks it's silly! Ha! I, on the other hand, can spat out 5 goals in one minute without even thinking twice. But whether or not you are a goal setter, or the kind who likes to just live life as if comes, there's one thing we can agree on... we can all use more prayer. We can all sit still a little longer than we normally do, or just pray with intention.

So, to start us off for 2021 (do you remember when we thought the world was ending in Y2K?..side note of how far we've come haha), let's pray for a fresh start.

Dear God, who is not surprised by one thing,

First off, thank you for your promises this past year. Thank you that despite all the craziness and uncertainty, you never left. Your word and your promises were just as true as they were on our best day. Your word reminded us over and over to put our trust in You. In the middle of 1,000 "what if's", You remain the same yesterday, today and forever. We lift our eyes to you. As we come out of 2020 and go into a fresh year, be our guide. Hold our hand and steady our feet when we aren't so sure. Let us posture our heart to please you, to love you more, and to grow in you, like never before. Prick our hearts when something isn't right. Help us to be sensitive to your Holy Spirit living in us. May we keep our ears ready to hear from you. May your love shine through us in every single thing we do. We give this year to you. It is in your hands. Go before us and may we always hear the voice of the Lord behind us saying, this is the way...walk in it. We love you and rejoice in knowing you care for us more than 1,000 sparrows. Thank you, Father for another year.

In your name we pray,


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