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Wow! What a difference one month can make in our lives. What a difference one week can bring! I heard a funny meme the other day, that said "Are there any other months in the year 2021 other than January?" haha Why does January always seem so long?

So, congratulations. We have finally made it to February. I don't know what the first month of a brand new year looked like for you, but for me it was a lot of just "going through the motions." I normally have tons of goals written out and big plans for the upcoming year, but I felt like this year was different. I felt like I just needed to keep doing my ordinary things in my everyday life and call it a success. So, that's what I did. I tried to focus on what mattered and for me, and that was staying close to Jesus.

I've listened to a certain minister several times throughout the month say the same thing over and over, in a certain prayer service. I find myself choosing to play it multiple times and I think it's finally sinking in. I've heard Psalm 103 many many times throughout my life, but this month it meant something different for me. Maybe it will for you, too.

Psalm 103:1 "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name"

After he read the verse, he said something I find myself saying when I'm not sure what to say/pray...when the enemy wants to come at my mind with fear or worry. This is what he said:

"Bless the Lord O my soul, All of my veins, all of my bones, all of my ligaments, all of my being blesses the Lord. My soul blesses you, my hands and my mouth bless you, my mind is blessing you right now. We are your sheep and we look to the good shepherd today. Thank you for protecting us from the enemy today. Bless the Lord O my soul. I make a joyful noise unto the Lord." While we have breath in our lungs, we bless you. We praise you."

I know this isn't anything groundbreaking but it's just where my heart is right now...blessing him.

Let's pray as we start February.

Dear Lord,

We bless your name. You don't need us to add anymore strength to your name or give you any sort of approval that you already don't have on your own, but we bless you because your word tells us to. We bend our knee and praise you, for not only who you are, but for what you give us in your word. Like David said in the Psalms, Bless the Lord, O my soul. Every part of our being blesses you. My mind blesses you. Thank you for your compassion and abounding love to us. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is your faithfulness love to those who fear you. Go with us this month. Direct our paths. May we hear you behind us saying, "this is the way, walk in it." Keep our minds on you. Keep our hearts postured to hear your voice. Place a song in our heart and praise on our lips.

In your name we pray,


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