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Psalm 28:14

When we were kids we trusted our parents were leading us to the right place. We didn't ask, "is this safe?", "who might be there that could cause us harm?", or "Where is the place located...should we take an extra change of clothes?" NO! We just jumped in the car and trusted they were going to take us to where we need to be. Fast forward a handful of years, and now we are telling our kids the same thing..."get in the car, we have to leave in 20 minutes, we are going to ___ today." They just trust us. There's no question (until they get older then they start to ask why? haha)

I read Psalm 28:14 and it was like a warm blanket on a cold day. (That was corny...but it was such an assurance). "This God, our God forever and ever- he will always lead us." I like that it says, "our God forever and ever". David didn't stop at just, "This God", he felt that it was necessary to remind us that he is our God forever AND ever. He leads us...everyday. As we "get older" we may start to question, just as our kids do, wondering why or if a certain thing will ever happen. But, how sweet it is to just be lead and have no reservation...freely, completely trusting in the person leading you. There's so much peace knowing you didn't have to plan anything...all you had to do is get in the car and know you are being taken to the right place.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for another month. Thank you for the summertime and fresh new days. Thank you for leading us. May we become like children and have a faith in you that never waivers. Help us when questions come up to always come to you. When we start to wonder away, remind us that you are our God, forever and ever, and you will always lead us. We love you so much.


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