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May we start new...

I am ready for May. I am ready for flowers and gardens and new life. I hope you are, too!

I am pulling this prayer from one of my favorite little prayer guides, "A Diary of Private Prayer". I feel like it sort of sums up so much we've been experiencing in the world, and what we read from the news on a daily basis.

Dear Lord, Thank you for another fresh start. Thank you for the beautiful spring weather and the sunshine. "Today, let your Holy Spirit breathe into our hearts clean and true desires worthy of your reign. Grant your blessing today to all who are striving to make a better world. I pray specifically for:

  • all who are working for laws to be more just, humane and transparent

  • all who are working for peace between the nations

  • all who are working to heal and prevent disease

  • all who are helping the betrayed and abused

  • all who are working for restoring you holy Church

  • all who preach the gospel

  • all who are helping relieve poverty

Break down all the forces of violence, cruelty, and evil."

Go before us this month as we walk in your will and strive to be more like you.

In Your name we pray,


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