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It's been a busy month!

Does anyone else feel like Mother's Day was like, 4 months ago? This past month was jam packed with end of the school year activities, celebrating our Moms, and of course, cake pops. Here's a little end of the month wrap-up, for May, with some thoughts and anticipation for June and all it has to bring!

Lots and lots of Graduation Sets!

All the Mom Sets were so pretty and dainty!

Is there anything more special than seeing your logo on something? I know this is true for myself when I see "Sweet Stella Treats" somewhere and know I had a part in making something or someones day so special. This is how I felt about these logo pops for Tabelco's grand opening in their new space, in Lincolnton. They've put a lot of work into a building that hasn't changed, in probably 20 years, and transformed it into a super cute, trendy boutique with all the things I love. Congratulations, gals! The best is yet to come!

Something else that makes me smile, is when someone calls or places an order that I've already had the pleasure of baking for in the past. These super sweet horses were for a friend that doesn't live super, close by, but wanted something special for her daughter's 10th b-day. I don't take it for granted when i am the person you think of when you need something to help you celebrate. Thank you, Bek (and all you repeat customers) for your orders!

I had a fun designing this set for a baby shower. My favorite was the little headset. :)

June is so close and so is VACATION! I will be taking off a few weeks to enjoy the beach and summer camp with my girl, but secretly planning Cake Pop Camp for July and all the things coming your way. Than you, again, for a wonderful May. That's a let's go soak up some sun!

Your friend, Bonnie

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