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election time

Ok, no this is not a political post, and I'm a few days before November 1st, but I wanted to start our monthly prayers a little early. I Mentioned a few weeks back that I wanted to start the month with a specific prayer. We all know what November holds. My Pastor spoke on how to pray for this time of year, and I immediately thought this would be the perfect prayer to pray as we head into November. He gave several points, but I am going to put them in the form of a prayer so we can all believe together. We don't know what November will bring, but we do know who holds tomorrow...even November 3rd, 2020. It helps me to read out prayers sometimes because i can't think of the words to say, but as I speak them, they come alive and bring me comfort knowing He hears every word.

Dear Jesus,

We thank you that you hold each day in your hands. We thank you for your peace that comes in all situations. We pray specifically for our nation. We pray for God's wisdom, and every voter. We pray for the candidates. We ask for your supernatural favor. We pray for Biblical values to be upheld. We pray that the spirit of anarchy and unrest would fall and we plead the blood of Jesus over our families and our community. We pray for the media. We ask that you bring to light what is in the dark...that truth would become the standard. We pray for a great awakening. We pray against deception and for national repentance. We pray for revival. Thank you for standing by Your word. Thank you for controlling the rivers and the Kings. We trust you, even now, that no matter the outcome, you have it all in your hands. In your name we pray, Amen.

Amen and Amen.

Until next time,


📷 cute image by- Callie Danielle

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