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Am I really doing this.. again?

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

I cannot believe I am starting a blog...again. Do I really need one more thing "to do?" Not really, but do you really need one more blog to read? So, why am I starting it? Well, the real question is: Why not? Years ago, back when I was a new Mom, I started a blog through one of the first blogging sites out there. It was supposed to be where the family could see pictures of the kids, record milestones and create sort of a "yearbook" of our life. Fast forward life, and the site became bogged down or maybe I should say "outdated", and each time I tried to load pictures, it would knock me off, or take entirely too long. So... it's been sitting for quite a while. The second blog , yes there's more... was a place for me to give ideas for moms on how to entertain and "teach through play" while at home. I was a Kindergarten and First grade teacher before staying at home with my babies, so it was a time for me to get my "teaching fix." Life happened, and as the kids got older, it was no longer necessary to talk about play-do and how you can improve fine motor skills and learn at the same time. So here I am, a 38 year old with 2 big-ish kids, a small home based business owner, and a whole lot of dreams going on in my head. I want this to be a fun, uplifting, encouraging spot for you to come and sit for a few minutes instead of drain your screen time and wonder why you're even here. I'm not looking to gain followers, get famous, rich, or even offer an outfit of the day because I am awkward, and you will know it, if you've had to take my picture. Welcome to my little world... you'll find cakepop stuff, encouraging words, a little yoga and fitness, probably a lot of typos, and hopefully something that will make you smile. Let's enjoy the journey together.

Your new friend,


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Glad you're back to blogging! Great place for some of the things you put on Instagram!

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