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Welcome! I'm so glad you're here!

Way back in 2009 , I was a new Mom with a 9 month old little girl, Stella.  I spent my days folding laundry and watching Ace of Cakes.  I dreamed of cute birthday themes and parties.  My love of cakes led to a little business, Sweet Stella Treats, named after my very own Stella. I started small with cupcakes, then cakes followed shortly behind.  By this time Stella was 3 and we had added another joy to our world...our little boy, Sawyer.  I spent my weekends baking and decorating and the week was spent changing diapers and chasing toys around the house.

A few years later cakepops entered my world.  I tried a few and never went back. They sort of took center stage, so I decided to cross everything off the menu and just stick with cake on a stick. 

In addition to fun cake pop designs swirling in my head, I've learned in my thirties that I am very much, in fact, a big dreamer.  I also love a good spot to be organized.  That's what I see here.  It's what everyday life is made of... family, cakepops and everything else in between.

I want this to be a fun, uplifting, encouraging spot for you to come and sit for a few minutes instead of drain your screen time and wonder why you're even here. I'm not looking to gain followers, get famous, rich, or even offer an outfit of the day because I am awkward, and you will know it, if you've had to take my picture.

Welcome to my little world... you'll find cakepop stuff, encouraging words, a little yoga and fitness, probably a lot of typos, and hopefully something that will make you smile. Let's enjoy the journey together.  I'm just glad you stopped by. 

Your new friend, 


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