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The Ordinary

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

I heard a phrase once, and you probably have too.. "There is power in the ordinary." When I use to hear the word ordinary, it felt so plain...dull...lifeless and kinda boring. Fast forward some years, and a little experience in watching the people around me live their lives, I've come to find the word Ordinary is so much more than just.... ordinary. The people I look up to, the ones who I would go to for advice, or pattern my life after... Those are the ones living just ordinary lives. They are showing up. They are consistent. They are faithful. They have their "head on straight." Do they mess up? Absolutely. They aren't perfect people. As Joe McGee calls them, they are the "getting back up people." They aren't pursuing anything other than doing what God has asked them to do...whatever that may look like. That doesn't mean they don't pursue dreams, but they remember who they want to get the glory. I want to be ordinary. I want to be someone who points others to the one who makes it all happen. I want to show up. I want to show consistency. I want to be faithful. So much of the world tells us what we should do or how we should live, but I'm reminding myself to look to those "Ordinary" people. They are the ones who have made the real difference. They are the true leaders. Let's find power in the ordinary. Trust me, it's there. :)

Your friend,


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I love this!!

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